About Us

Jeff and Nick Healy are two of three brothers from one of the many Healy families in Milford, CT. Both of them grew up with a natural ability for drawing and painting that as far as we can tell came from their Grandma Jean Mallette (one of the first women ever to attend Yale University School of Art) and totally skipped their parents generation.

Both brothers attended the Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven during High School. Nick, the older of the two went on to University of Hartford to study in Graphic Design. While Jeff attended the New Hampshire Institute of Art to study Painting.

One of Twenty is their first joint effort as artists. It is one that they hope can also turn into a showcase of not only their work, but the art of others that they have studied with, are friends with, or have met along the way.

Feel free to contact them if you have any custom artwork or clothing you would like created, or if you are an artist looking to showcase your work.



Besides here on the website you can always see clothing, and artwork in person at Eastern Pulse Skate Shop on Dixwell Ave in Hamden CT or at Statement USA, I-95 South, Milford, CT Travel Plaza.



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