David Christopher


She Loves Me

She Loves Me NotI


Chaos Carries


Swaneater, graphite

Swan I

Swan II


The main focus of my artwork is to create and stimulate dialogue. That dialogue can be between the viewer and the piece, it can spark a string of thought within the viewer that will carry with them long after they’ve walked away from my work. God willing, my artwork can start a conversation between the viewer and myself. When I place my pencil onto the paper I try to void out any specific thoughts that may give the piece premature direction. By doing this I’m able to let anything that comes to mind slip right out in its most raw form. By the end of it I’m often left peering into my own lines wondering what it all means.

My work is exhibited throughout Boston, Manchester and Concord, with more and more shows on the horizon. Please feel free to email me or visit my website for coming events and new work.

thank you,
(603) 490 6510